Original art work by K.A. M'Lady & P.M. Dittman

Welcome to the UK Staging area for Operation E-Book Drop: Free E-books for Coalition Forces

On 6th September, Ed Patterson, author of the Jade Owl Legacy Series, put up a post on KindleBoards, effectively launching Operation E-Book Drop. To date, over 250 authors have now signed up to OEBD, to offer free e-Book editions of their books to troops servings overseas in zones of conflict.

As Mark Coker of Smashwords says: 'What began as "Operation Kindle Ebook Drop" has now morphed into something much bigger - "Operation Ebook Drop," in recognition of the multiple ebook-reading devices - cell phones, Kindles, Sony Readers, laptops, etc. - people use to read ebooks.'

Here, we launch the UK contribution to OEBD, aiming to support UK and other national troops in the field with access to a broad range down-loadable books.

Please read a welcome post from Ed Patterson
And refer to the following post for participation details

Friday, 20 November 2009

OEBD – A UK update… and our new Logo!

A week after my first contact with Ed Patterson, and I am proud to announce that we are making good progress in developing the UK contribution to this exciting operation. We want to extend the OEBD-word amongst the full range of coalition troops in the field, and bring to all a greater range of international authors! With some alternative spellings, of course.

We Brits offer a huge big THANK YOU for the imagination and graphic artistry of K.A. M'Lady & P.M. Dittman, courtesy of Stephanie Kelsey, COO and Editor-in-Chief at Mojocastle Press. You have excelled yourselves!

K.A. M'Lady and PM Dittman designed the original logo for OEBD and I contacted Stephanie to see if she could help out with a version that had a little bit more “British flavour”. (Flavor?) At this point, I must also thank our own British author, Shelagh Watkins, for her quick-thinking, photo-shopping, stop-gapping contribution of the Brit-ified-Eagle we have been using up to now. I am sure Shelagh joins with me in appreciating the addition of the Lion! Nice touch!

In the true spirit of cooperation that this operation represents, I believe the two logos belong side-by-side.

My concern in developing this project, for all Authors, is to offer a comparable level of validation on troop requests that Ed uses. (See Ed’s post on the kindleboard « Reply #569 on: Yesterday at 09:08:49 PM »). It has therefore been a priority for me to establish the appropriate “official” contacts within the UK military organization. I am therefore particularly pleased to announce that this action is well in hand.

I have heard, today, from my contact in the Ministry of Defence, that a senior officer has been identified to work with me in helping to develop the programme, and pushing the OEBD word out directly to the troops who will benefit the most. I hope that it will not be too long before I can announce the first successes under this initiative. However, as we all know, the military have a lot to handle at the moment, so we will be patient.

I wish you all a great weekend.

David Atkinson
OEBD UK Coordinator
(aka David Sartof)


  1. The UK logo version is amazing. Major props to K.A. M'Lady and PM Dittman.


  2. My sister is in the army so I know first hand that this is a brilliant idea. I would volunteer my books, but none of them are what the forces would want to read while they're away.