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Welcome to the UK Staging area for Operation E-Book Drop: Free E-books for Coalition Forces

On 6th September, Ed Patterson, author of the Jade Owl Legacy Series, put up a post on KindleBoards, effectively launching Operation E-Book Drop. To date, over 250 authors have now signed up to OEBD, to offer free e-Book editions of their books to troops servings overseas in zones of conflict.

As Mark Coker of Smashwords says: 'What began as "Operation Kindle Ebook Drop" has now morphed into something much bigger - "Operation Ebook Drop," in recognition of the multiple ebook-reading devices - cell phones, Kindles, Sony Readers, laptops, etc. - people use to read ebooks.'

Here, we launch the UK contribution to OEBD, aiming to support UK and other national troops in the field with access to a broad range down-loadable books.

Please read a welcome post from Ed Patterson
And refer to the following post for participation details

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Operation eBook Drop - Amazing

No one is more excited about Operation eBook Drop than I am. If someone told me ten weeks ago that I would be jotting a note on a UK Blog devoted to this program, I would have said they were nutz. But here it is folks. David's efforts will bring a new dimension to the program, just as Mark Coker and Smashwords have. However, as of today, we have 240 participating authors and nearly 60 Troop points of light, that are receiving perhaps as many as 1,000 ebook 100$ off coupons for their eReaders and getting them to barracks and ship mates - we have even adopted a submarine crew - the USS Oklahoma City.

The concept is not really a concept. I didn't wake up one morning and say, let's start giving free eBooks to deployed coalition troops around the world. No. It started with one seredipitious act, and a few off-the-cuff questions. Suddenly, this informal program has become a replication of acts of kindness from a community of authors - Indie authors, that have not had a united voice or pen on any issue other than the publishing industry and the use of adverbs. (Oh, how we can go on about dangling participles).

So, here we are folks - ten weeks in, and this program is roaring along by word of mouth, paying it forward to those who defend our freedom to write and author what we will, trying to match their valor with our thanks.

Edward C. Patterson

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  1. Nicely said, Ed,
    Nicely said, indeed!

    Doug Moore